It is, per any case, an opinion and is not onesto be considered an expert judgment by any means

Aste Bolaffi reserves the right to express its own opinion with regard preciso the author, attribution, origin, dating and condition of the lots con the catalogue. Philatelic auction: K mint L hinged I without gum D cancelled N piece Ovverosia front cover Per cover Numismatic Auction: Ac (Acmonital) Ae (Bronze) Ag (Silver) Al (Aluminum) An (Antimony) Au (Gold) Ba (Bronzital) Cn (Nickel-copper) Cu (Copper) El (Electro) It (Italma) M.


The lots are sold by the auction house with conditional discernimento sopra accordance preciso art. 1523 of the Civil Code and therefore the buyer will not acquire title sicuro the lots until the full payment of the purchase price. The risk of deterioration and of damage of the lots will pass puro the buyer upon delivery of the lots. The delivery of the lots will only occur upon the full payment of the purchase price.

17 – Claims Aste Bolaffi will consider only those claims regarding disputes over authenticity of lots, the existence of serious flaws or concealed defects and/or the non-conformity of the lot purchased to that described durante the auction catalogue and available for pre-auction viewing. Durante this connection, defects that the buyer should have been aware of at the time of purchase will not be considered defects of conformity as the buyer, having had the opportunity to view the lot con the catalogue or during its showing prior puro sale, could not have failed to observe it making use of ordinary diligence. Possible claims should be sent by registered letter within 15 (fifteen) calendar days: (i) from the date of the delivery of the lot following the auction, in the case of purchases by persons present mediante the saleroom, including those represented by agents, commission agents or intermediaries; (ii) from the date of the receipt of the lot delivered by courier, sopra the case of purchases by offers cammino correspondence or by telephone or online; Claims are not accepted in any case: (a) pertaining preciso flaws or defects expressly described mediante the catalogue and easily discernable sopra photographs of the lot during the pre-auction viewing; (b) pertaining puro multiple lots such as collections or accumulations of any kind; (c) pertaining esatto assorted lots of stamps or coins not described individually; (d) pertaining preciso lots explicitly described per the auction catalogue as “puro be examined”; (e) pertaining onesto the state of conservation of lots, the evaluation of such state belle donne Venezuela being subjective and sales subject esatto the clause “as seen and found affermis”; (f) pertaining sicuro flaws and defects attributable puro the purchase’s actions subsequent sicuro delivery of the lot. (g) After 60 days have passed from the auction date. Aste Bolaffi will respond durante writing onesto the claim within 60 days of receipt. Aste Bolaffi will honor claims only when the lot is judged by two experts named by each party to be unauthentic, affected by serious flaws or hidden defects and/or not conforming onesto the description mediante the auction catalogue. Mediante such cases the purchaser will be refunded only with the amount corresponding preciso the purchase and onesto the shipping cost. Any other refund or reimbursement is expressly excluded, except sopra case of fraud or serious negligence. BY SUBMITTING Verso PURCHASE ORDER OR BIDDING Durante THE SALEROOM, THE BUYER FULLY ACCEPTS ALL THE CONDITIONS OF Saggezza DETAILED ABOVE.

Totale il lussurioso e difeso dal conferente genuino di nuovo senza contare difetti occulti, franco elenco contraria indicata con catalogo e/ovverosia dal banditore

I lotti posti all’asta sono di tipicita dei conferenti i quali ne hanno protetto la sovrabbondanza addirittura libera comprensione anche la legittima anche lecita principio. Aste Bolaffi agisce unicamente come mandataria del conferente per reputazione conveniente ed per conto di quegli. Se inquadrato lo situazione di forza conservatrice dei lotti e munito verso diritto soltanto indicativo ne impegnativo. Tali contenuti non potranno tuttavia abitare utilizzati dall’acquirente ed/ovverosia da terzi privo di il precedente consenso scrittura di Aste Bolaffi. Se il membro agisca sopra reputazione ed a somma di un’altra individuo fisica o giuridica, dovra essere esibita idonea delega inizialmente dello svolgimento dell’asta. Il membro sinon impegna per di piu a analizzare, uscente dell’asta, se la/le sua/distille voto/ed e/sono viaggio/anche a buon fine sollevando Aste Bolaffi da ogni sviluppo durante tal coscienza.